Businesses Safety Measures for COVID-19

Businesses Safety Measures for COVID-19

As the Nepal Government has loosened the Lockdown to Some extent. People are slowly getting back to their normal life. But are we ready to face the new normal? The new era of social distancing is a must in order to save health & life and business. But are we following the guidelines required to follow in this pandemic? The global market has been negatively affected by the COVID-19 and the period of uncertainty and changing business environment does seem to be close, now it’s time we uplift our economy taking precautions and measures towards the COVID-19.

Revive management conducted the survey on how different business sectors are coping with the new normal, how they are tackling this wave of changing human behavior and health concerns, and are they taking enough precautions to give the highest priority to health & safety and survive their businesses in this crisis.

We have surveyed businesses mostly focusing on the retail sectors following different categories ranging from Food and restaurants to Banking and insurance and so on. This Survey is limited to the business mentioned above and does not cover all business sectors, but we believe the survey will represent the true representation of the business across industries.

Question 2: We surveyed if there was any sign/postures regarding the awareness of COVID-19 at the entrance of the business.

The dominance of those industries not having a clear sign/postures was found much higher than of businesses having any signs regarding the awareness of COVID-19.

Question 3:A sanitized or Clean hand is a must in order to stop transmitting the virus Thus, We researched if the business has kept any sanitizing materials at the entrance or not.

While the whole world is giving its best in order to be safe from this dangerous disease. It is not easily digestible that 40% of the businesses in our community haven’t even kept any sanitizing material at their entrance.

Question 4: We researched if the temperature of customers/Visitors was being properly checked or not.

As high body temperature could be the first symptom of COVID-19. Anyone having abnormal body temperature could be the carrier of this disease. Thus to run a business safely one must make sure every visitor on the business premises is safe. But talking about our Market only a handful of businesses (i.e 17%) were measuring the temperature of their customers.

Question 5: We researched if the employee were using all required protective equipment to save themselves or not.

An employee is at the maximum risk of catching the disease as he/She is most exposed and is in direct contact with a lot of unknown customers. But the Survey response showed that we still have 31% of the employees who are not following any precautions. This clearly brightens the fact that we are not operating our business with full cautions.

Question 6: We researched if they are using disinfectant or sanitizing their premises or not.

The diagram clearly represents 84% of the business premises are still not being sanitized or disinfected. Running a business to save the economy is one thing but running the business in clean and healthy business premises should be the topmost priority to our business owners.

Question 7:We researched if Social distancing marks were drawn in the public area of the business premises or not.

Since the people in our country are neglecting Social distancing. In such drawing social distancing boxes on the business premises could possibly stop the spread of this deadly virus via the business sector. But only 2% of the businesses have drawn Social distancing boxes on their premises.

Question 8: We researched if people are following the social Distancing strictly or not.

Social Distancing should be the topmost priority for everyone’s safety including the employees of the business to its customers. But it is a shameful act that only 9% of the businesses were able to maintain social distancing inside their premises.

Question 9: We researched if all customers wearing masks and gloves for safety or not.

Customer’s sides are mostly unpredictable but we can maintain 100% of safety inside our business from the employee side. The number clarifies that we are not being able to maintain 100% of safety from the employees’ side. The question arises are we on the stage to take a risk and let most of the employees work with no safety.

Question 10: And lastly we researched how their business is affected by COVID-19. We surveyed if their business premises were clustered and chances of exposure were as usual or not.

The surveyed clearly indicated that 51% of the businesses were clustered and chances of exposure were as usual. Half of the number of businesses was running the same as it was before the pandemic. Running the business in the clustered environment could bring a serious wave of problems. One must be concerned about the exposure that their customers are facing.

The survey was conducted for about a week at the end of June to July, on 5th July 2020 where we already have crossed 15,000 Corona cases clearly shows that we need to be more careful towards this pandemic. In an average 500 cases are increasing each day and estimated to reach 40,000 by August which raises a big question mark in front of our safety. Are we on the stage where 31% of the employees can still work with no safety? Can we run 84% of the business without premises being sanitized? Can 91% of the businesses still neglect Social Distancing? Can a business still survive healthily where 24% of the customers are visiting without wearing proper masks and gloves?

Business’s lack of precautions and safety measures towards this deadly virus will trigger serious problems at the community level too. The Survey clearly represents that businesses are running very behind in the matter of health & safety. Businesses have to go for a very long run along with this pandemic but the survey clearly indicates we cannot sustain & survive much longer with this level of safety we are having as more and more people will be infected. Businesses & employees must be responsible for customers and their own safety. To revive the economy and gain customer confidence safety, Social distancing, Clean business premises should be given top priority, the longer we don’t keep business, employees, customers, and society safe, the longer the infection will stay with us.

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