As lockdown in the country has passed over two months and the number of people infected by the COVID-19 are spreading through the country and lock down seems to have slowed it down but unable to control the spread. Tracing, isolating, testing and quarantine has not been effective and people are anxious in different aspects of life.

Revive Management has done surveys of the people from different parts of the country who are engaged in across industries as employees or employers. Survey data was collected using different social media and surveymonkey as a data instrument. Data were collected in between a period of May 20-27 and represents sentiment at that time. As the country seems to be heading for gradual lifting of the lockdown orders that were put in place to contain the spread of COVID-19. Nepalese are deeply divided and concerned about job, employment, health and overall economic situation and confidence in the government to manage the crisis.

In the first part of the survey we have tried to understand people’s priority area of concern, whether they have been able to understand, accept and adjust to new normality. In the second part we have tried to analyze the people’s perception about the future of the economy and whether the government has been able to manage the economy and build confidence in the general public.

1. I’m feeling most anxious about

Around 35% of people were concerned about future ability to maintain employment and business whereas 23% of people were concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on the economy of the country. 19% people were anxious about the financial situation as it is understandable that if the economy stays in course financial difficulties will be short lived. 23% of people were anxious about health and well-being putting health over finance.

2. Have you been able to make any adjustments to your employment/business to progress/proceed under the current restrictions?

When asked are they have been able to adjust to new normality 23% of people said that they have been able and 27% said they are working on it, so half of the population are getting ready and will be ready to face the emerging situation and remaining 50% of people are running behind on the adjustment and they will be hit harder in short run and long run as well.

3. Confidence in own country’s economic recovery after COVID-19

When asked about the economic recovery after the post pandemic period, only 30% believe that the economy will be ok and the country will bounce back even though the economy will slow in the current period but it will reverse in future creating opportunities. 54% of people were unsure and if the government can bring the right stimulation and manage the crisis efficiently these people will stay optimistic and will participate quickly in the recovery process, 15% people are pessimistic which might be the immediate impact of the pandemic and are losing confidence over the future prospectus.

4. Do you think the government policy will support the economy and will take the country in the path of growth in future ?

When we asked about the people’s confidence over the government management and policy towards the economic recovery, it did now show the rosy picture. Only 4% of people trust that the government will be able to handle the economic impact on the country, 46% of people were not sure about the government policy and economic stimulation and its impact on the recovery process. 50% of people disagree or strongly disagree that the government will be able to handle the economic armageddon caused by th COVID-19 .

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