COVID-19 Impact survey Nepal

COVID-19 Impact survey Nepal

In the current lock down to prevent COVID-19 pandemic, most of the businesses are closed or operating in limited hours under special circumstances. Business owners are most scared from the uncertainty and surviving the business is the most important task for most of the organizations.Governments of all around the world are bringing in policies and financial measures to control the damage and planning to reestablish the businesses which are facing unprecedented economic, business and social environment.

REVIVE MANAGEMENT has taken surveys of the businesses owner or operator across industry throughout Nepal and understand their current situation, how ready they are to survive the storm and are they happy with the government steps towards the pandemic.

We have surveyed 70 businesses across different categories ranging from transportation, retail, hotels and restaurants.

We have separated business in three categories and our focus was towards the small size businesses as small business will have a hit from the pandemic and they are most vulnerable which can lead to closure in a short period.

We have covered all seven provinces in our research and most of the business owners from province 3, our survey does not guarantee the generalize the results obtained by our sample and survey results.

Our survey found that 36% of the businesses have stood down workforce without pay as they were explaining that simply they can’t afford the payroll.  39% of the businesses said that they are not able to make any changes to their business at the moment which will increase the probability of the business closure in future. 43% businesses said they are working on it, they will receive support from local and other government agencies or other related parties to survive the pandemic.93% business are directly impacted by the covid-19 which is very alarming to the business environment. 52% of businesses accepted that financial stability is the most challenging for them at the moment.

51% of businesses are anxious about their future and ability to maintain business and practice and it shows that they desperately need not only financial support and guidance as well.The most important survey result presented that 55% are not sure about the support they are receiving or going to receive from the government for business survival. 27% of businesses disagree with government policy, it represents that either government needs to explain the existing or upcoming relief policies to the businesses so that they don’t lose confidence over the future. Government needs to consult and do research of small and medium size businesses to bring policies and financial measures to support and safeguard them.

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