How to Regain Foot Traffic in Retail Space

How to Regain Foot Traffic in Retail Space

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Pre-pandemic, it’s not uncommon for retailers to hold in-store events and encourage customers to bring their friends. But going forward, this tactic wouldn’t be well-received, given that consumers are still practicing social distancing.


So as you gear up for reopening your business, you need to think carefully about how you’ll attract shoppers to your store. We’ve put together some ideas and examples on how to drive foot traffic in a post-coronavirus retail landscape.


As much as many people want to go back to “normal” after COVID-19, the fact is retail will look different for a while (maybe for good) even when states and cities start opening back up again.


Because of this, traditional ways of driving foot traffic to retail stores may not work as well as before.


On the Zoom meet we will be discussing

    1. The state of safety measure placed in the retail stores.
    2. Social distancing maintained by the retailers.
    3. People's awareness and precautions taken by retail visiting customers.
    4. How the retailers overseas are adapting to the new normality.
    5. How retail space can redesign and revive to the new environment.


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Time: Jul 19, 2020 05:30 PM Kathmandu

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