What is Linkedin Marketing & Why is it important?

What is Linkedin Marketing & Why is it important?

Program Details

Date: 17th April, 2022

Day: Sunday 

Venue: Instagram Live 

Time: 7:00PM - 7:30PM (NPT)

          9:15AM - 9:45AM (EST)  

When thinking about social media platforms to use for your business, most people tend to automatically think of generating leads from Facebook, or Twitter, starting on Instagram, and one of the last places people to think about is that powerful business network that is right in front ; LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn is now responsible for a staggering 64% of all visits from social media channels to corporate websites.


What You'll Learn in this session?

  1. What is Linkedin Marketing?
  2. Why is Marketing on Linkedin important? 
  3. How to use and Market on Linkedin?
  4. Some important Linkedin Marketing Tips 


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Sunil Singh Sijapati, DBA
Sunil Singh Sijapati, DBA

Doctor in Business Administration from USA, worked as an insurance professional in Nepal before going overseas for MBA. Worked as financial advisor business advisor and management consultant in USA and Canada. He is very enthusiastic for financial technology and e-commerce integration. Ten year of experience in management consulting and corporate advising. He is also co-founder of Sajilomeals.com (Online food delivery partner) and Sajilomeds.com (Online medicine delivery company)

Training Co-ordinator

Deeya Giri

Deeya has been working in Revive Management as a research associate. She is studying a Bachelor’s in Health Care Management. She has learned to accept and seek responsibility in the field. She is passionate about doing new research that creates sustainable development.

Deeya Giri