Maximizing Small Business Success with Google Analytics and Google Ads

Maximizing Small Business Success with Google Analytics and Google Ads

Program Details

Date: 24th September,2023

Day: Sunday

Venue: FB Live via Zoom.

Time: 6:45 - 7:15 PM(NPT)

          9:00 - 9:30 AM(EST)

Google Ads is one the quickest ways to get customers ready to buy to land on your site. It’s also a way to take traffic from your competitors. It will help you figure out what actions to take to improve the experience for your customers and boost sales. And on top of everything, it's free.

What You'll Learn: 

  1. What is Google Analytics, and why is it crucial for small businesses in today's digital landscape?
  2. Can you explain some key metrics and reports in Google Analytics that small businesses should pay close attention to?
  3. How can small businesses use Google Analytics to track and improve their website's user experience?
  4. What are some advanced features or techniques in Google Analytics that can help small businesses gain a competitive edge in their digital marketing efforts?
  5. How can Google Ads benefit small businesses with limited advertising budgets, and what are the key advantages of using this platform?
  6. What are some best practices for creating effective Google Ads campaigns for small businesses, especially in highly competitive industries?
  7. Can you share some tips on optimizing ad spend and achieving a higher return on investment (ROI) with Google Ads?
  8. In a constantly evolving digital advertising landscape, what strategies should small businesses employ to stay relevant and adapt to changes within Google Ads?  

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Profile of Resource Person

Sunil Singh Sijapati, DBA
Sunil Singh Sijapati, DBA

Doctor in Business Administration from USA, worked as an insurance professional in Nepal before going overseas for MBA. Worked as financial advisor business advisor and management consultant in USA and Canada. He is very enthusiastic for financial technology and e-commerce integration. Ten year of experience in management consulting and corporate advising. He is also co-founder of (Online food delivery partner) and (Online medicine delivery company)